Dolceacqua and surroundings

Visit the medieval hamlet

Discover Dolceacqua, the territories of the Val Nervia and sea zones.


Dolceacqua, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy of uncertain origins, Roman or Celtic, a piece of land Ligurian remained identical to what the painter Monet in 1884 he painted in his pictures: the old bridge the Nervia stream flowing between the houses, protected the village from the Doria Castle, last to be lit by the sun before sunset or inflamed, in August, by unforgettable fireworks.
It ‘exciting experience getting lost in its narrow streets where light rays chasing shadowy corners, including small shops and cellars. And sit there for a moment to breathe this air ancient, sipping a glass of Rossese or tasting the local “bread rolls”.

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Artificial fires under the Castle of Dolceacqua

Visit the surroundings

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